David Beckham fakes bewilderment to flog mobiles to Yanks. Fakes?

Golden Balls doesn't ask about the price. Why would he?

Fashion model and former one-footed footie ace David Beckham walks into a phone shop and finds it all rather confusing, or so a new US television commercial for mobile operator Sprint would have us believe.

While he quizzes AT&T, T-Mobile US and Verizon on their offers, he doesn’t ask the Sprint salesperson anything like as many questions about the phone being included in the contract, get-out clauses, or the thorny issue of roaming – perhaps he isn't planning on travelling.

Now, David Beckham wandering around with a confused look on his face shouldn't be that surprising to us in Blighty.

What's really surprising, at least to this Brit visiting the States this week, is that someone would choose to send Beckham out shopping for a mobile phone.

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In the UK he may be a national hero, verging on the ultimate accolade of national treasure, but he’s no Professor Stephen Hawking, or even a Jeremy Paxman (known for asking a few difficult questions).

Indeed, one Brit might well indulge himself over a pint of warm beer telling another Brit jokes about nice-but-dim Beckham.

In the States, however, Golden Balls is a dashing, intelligent Englishman, albeit one who can't quite fathom non-Sprint stores. Thank goodness for no-nonsense Sprint, or something like that.

What Beckham seems to learn from his walk around New York, and visits to phone shops, is not to ask too many questions.

Nor does he ask the price. But then perhaps someone who has a reported net worth of over $300m doesn’t have to worry too much about that. ®

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