Google's Cardboard cutout VR headgear given away GRATIS by OnePlus ... SELLS OUT

Pay $5 shipping fee and the viewer is all yours. Or not

Google's VR face goggles, dubbed Cardboard, were being given away for free, plus shipping by OnePlus. Until – that is – the smartphone maker sold out of the devices.

The marketing stunt appeared to have paid off for the Chinese firm, at least in shipment fees ($5 a pop) and publicity.

OnePlus was offering a modified version of Google’s cheap cardboard virtual reality unit, development of which is understood to be an after hours caper from the Chocolate Factory.

But plenty of chumps probably missed out on the deal as the headset has now sold out.

OnePlus promised to cardboard box-up the Cardboard viewer on 10 July and ship it to customers who did manage to take advantage of the promotion.

You lucky, lucky people. ®

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