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Catalogic brings rank and file into line with copy data cleanup tool

IBM support in September, EMC early in 2016

Undisciplined file copy creation spreads like a weed across data centres. You can deal with the problem in two ways.

Firstly, dump all your secondary data into a fresh storage silo that makes virtual copies for everyone that needs them.

Or you can use a tool to check out your existing infrastructure, identify the copy dross, get rid of it, and bring discipline to its creation.

Catalogic's ECX is such a tool and it faces the same problem as all add-on system management tools; coping with a heterogeneous multi-vendor world.

It's dealing with it by extending its array support to cover the main multi-vendor bases as identified by its existing customers.

ECX currently supports VMware and NetApp's ONTAP, both seven-mode and cluster mode (CDOT). But many NetApp customers also have other vendors' storage arrays installed, and there are storage array customers who don't use NetApp.

In short, the unwanted file copy problem doesn't stop with NetApp.

At a briefing in Silicon Valley, Catalogic told us about its roadmap for expanding ECX's array coverage:

  • Storwize SVC and V9000 and Flash Copy Manager
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Nimble Storage
  • HP 3PAR
  • VMware VVOLs

September should see the IBM array support, with EMC support being added by the end of the year or early in 2016.

HDS, Nimble and HP will be added in that sequence as that is the order of importance seen by Catalogic's customer base.

The VVOL support will give ECX access to every VVOL-supporting array which, basically, means every array supplier of substance. With that, Catalogic will have a shot at being the most powerful single pane of file copy management glass in the industry. ®

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