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Open Compute Project testing is a 'complete and total joke'

Source questions integrity, neutrality of certification programme

What's going on? Named individuals speak out

YF Juan told us: "I have resigned from my OCP position recently to pursue a new professional chapter. I do not speak in the capacity of an ITRI representative, but I am pretty sure that the ITRI OCP Certification Testing Center is still in operation."

Paul Rad revealed this OCP lab existed in an email that said OCP testing was ongoing: "The three OCP labs (ITRI Labs Taiwan, Hsinchu University China, UTSA) are still active and we also overheard that the New Hampshire University may join the foundation... as the fourth lab, which is extremely exciting."

He said certification activities were not that regular: "Certification activities in labs are very much cyclic and driven by new product designs/specs (server, storage, network). After OCP projects (server, storage, network) community design and approves a new specification, then the related (i.e network, server) OCP project work closely with certification project community to develop the system test matrix [sic]. When the tests are ready for execution they will notify the labs for performing certification."

"My experience during the last two years," Rad continued, "[is that] labs receive certification entries right before the OCP Engineering Summits (in Feb/March) and we experience zero to minimum certification activities the rest of the year."

Neither Paul Rad nor YF Juan replied directly to the points we raised to them about the testing procedures.

The El Reg take on this is that the amount of OCP testing and certification going on is minimal and that the OCP initiative is not meeting the hopes raised at its inception.

For now, the OCP certification procedure appears to be potentially inadequate – which surely raises doubt about the status of the OCP project itself where customers like Goldman Sachs are concerned. ®

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