Linux on the desktop is so hot there's now a fight over it

Citrix joins VMware in virtual penguin desktop ploy

In other Citrix news, company execs say the company's X1 Mouse, apparently the first electrodent for the iPad, has been selling like hot cakes.

At a company gabfest in Sydney today your correspondent was told an Australian bank has bought one for each of its substantial iPad fleet. Other Citrix customers say it's giving them new reasons to consider Apple's fondleslabs, which hitherto have not permitted mouse-drive operations. That's a pain when, for example, attempting to wield a cursor in a text editor or even a field on a form. The X1 does away with such fat-fingered fumbling and appears to be giving Citrix the chance to strike up some new conversations among its clientele. We were told the mouse, which sells in four-packs, is exceeding expectations handily.

The company's also gearing up for some tweaks to its CloudBridge WAN optimisation product, which will soon gain the ability to analyse bandwidth consumption by individual applications, the better to see how they tax an organisation's links to the outside world. ®


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