LOGITECH - TECH = 'LOGI' ... that's non-Logitech tech, is it?

You don't have to be a gypsy woman to see this branding twist coming

Venerable desk-rodent maker Logitech says it will move into new categories of products. To mark the occasion it's introducing a new brand based on chopping the end off its old one.

Get ready for "Logi."

The company's name isn't changing, a Logitech spokesperson told El Reg via email. But it will use the Logi label for products that fall into new categories for the venerable peripheral maker, "specifically in the categories of mobility."

Whether that means Logitech is planning a move into phones or something less ambitious is anyone's guess. The company isn't saying, yet. But we were told you'll still see the Logitech label on the kinds of things you expect from Logitech, "largely in our traditional categories like PC peripherals," so if you see the Logi brand it will probably be on something different.

From the sound of it, one reason for losing the "tech" is that Logitech has decided it needs to sex up its products.

Two years ago, the almost 30-year-old mousemaker hired its first-ever Chief Design Officer, Alastair Curtis, who previously spent 14 years dreaming up product designs for Nokia. Curtis has been leading an internal push to add more flair to Logitech's kit, and according to a blog post, the company's new goal is "delivering products that create amazing experiences in the everyday places of your life."

Smart toilets, perhaps? It'll face some tough competition from the Japanese...

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The new-look Logitech: Hope you like your colors garish and stroboscopic

In addition to the Logi logo, Logitech has come up with a new look for its master brand that features more rounded, lowercase letters and no more weird blobby thing.

The company says you'll start to see all of these design changes – and its first Logi product – in retail stores over the coming year. ®


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