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'I'm COMING for you, DIRTBAG!': Ex-Sony chief Smedley to Kid Lizard hacker

Outraged vic wants to see zeekill back in court

John Smedley, the former head of Sony Online Entertainment, has reacted to a Lizard Squad hacker's lenient sentence with utter fury, and has suggested he may take legal action to bring him back to court.

17-year-old Julius "zeekill" Kivimaki received a two-year suspended prison sentence and will have his internet activity monitored by the cops, after pleading guilty to compromising 50,700 systems, alongside other cyber-misdeeds.

Best known for ruining Christmas for console cowboys, and singing about it, Lizard Squad's misdeeds have not been forgiven by John Smedley.

Smedley – the president of Sony Online Entertainment's new form, which was renamed Daybreak Game Company following an acquisition by Columbas Nova – has declared he is "coming for" the "little dirtbag".

Smedley took off on a long Twitter rant about the hacker, largely on personal grievances rather than other malicious activities, such as the lazy attack on Tor.

Suomi rozzers cuffed Kivimaki in late 2014 and charged him with a variety of offences, including network security breaches, payment fraud, and harassment.

Daybreak has told the press it will not be commenting on Smedley's tweets, claiming that company policy is not to "discuss personal matters rearding our employees – even if that employee is the CEO". ®

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