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Samsung's latest 2TB SSDs have big hats, but where's the cattle?

No beef with long warranties, but users might have a cow about small data loads

Comment Samsung’s 2TB SSDs have long warranties, but not much capacity for total lifetime data written.

While being the largest consumer SSDs to date and having 5-year (EVO) and 7-year (PRO) warranties, the drives don’t actually have impressive numbers with regard to the total TB written over the life of the drives.

The 2TB 850 EVO SSD has a 150TB written rating over its 5-year warranty period. That means about 82GB/day or 0.041 full drive writes a day.

The 2TB 850 PRO SSD has a 7-year warranty and a 300TB written rating, meaning around 117GB/day or 0.058 full drive writes a day.

Clearly these numbers confirm that these are consumer and not enterprise drives, which can have ratings in the 2-5 full drives/day area.

Does this matter?

A 6 or 7-year warranty sounds good, but many users will be switching to faster replacement drives with more capacity before the warranty period ends, such is the pace of SSD technology development.

So a lower-than-expected TB-written rating may not matter much at all, just so long as you don't overburden these SSDs with writes – drip-feed them with data instead. ®

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