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Pluto Pic: Is it a DOG? Is it a HEART? Or is it ... is it ... BIGFOOT?

Probe survives flyby, data now beaming in

NASA has announced that the New Horizons spacecraft has phoned home after passing behind Pluto. Images and analysis are beaming their way back across the solar system as you read this story.

Here at The Reg, meanwhile, we've been gazing at the lovely image of Pluto NASA revealed to the world yesterday. That snap has been interpreted as either a heart or the Disney character Pluto, thanks to the Tweet below.

Vulture South's analysis, however, leads us to wonder if the dwarf planet might bear the footprint of the mythical ape said to have inhabited forests in the Pacific Northwest of America.

The evidence is clear: The latest New Horizons high resolution photo of Pluto reveals a giant footprint that could have only been left by the space-faring sasquatch.

Vulture South scientists do not know how Sasquatch might have made the five billion kilometre journey.

NASA could not be reached by the time of writing to explain the evidence, but resident geeks at the space agency did talk extensively about New Horizons IT operations with El Reg hack Alexander J Martin.

Lay explanations have already surfaced that the planet is a long-serving base for Earth's dominant race the Lizard People. ®


Previous objects "found" on icy Pluto have included a whale and a doughnut.

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