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Dive deep into our liquid cooling chat. Just the thing for sticky summers

Benefits, costs and performance

HPC blog + vid I recently had a conversation with Pat McGinn, product manager at Cool IT. Fortunately I recorded our chat, then matched it up with some slides to package it into a webcast.

Cool IT webcast mixdown

In the video, Pat and I talk about the strengths and weaknesses of four types of liquid cooling. We also talk benefits, including cost savings, greater reliability, and, a personal favorite of mine, performance.

One of their most recent performance examples comes from the 2014 ISC Student Cluster Competition where the student team from Edinburgh set a LINPACK record (just over 10TF) that still stands today.

That system was provided by the Boston Group, with cooling provided by Cool IT.

I had one question that Pat couldn't answer, though, and it was this: if you properly cool the hardware, keeping it well within design specs, would it suffer any ill effects (reliability, stability) from overclocking above manufacturer settings. I can't recall seeing any solid research on this topic, so I figured I would ask.

It's understandable that Pat couldn't comment on this, as he's not in a position to speak for Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, or anyone else who makes chippy things.

But I'm still curious, so does anyone out there have an answer to this question? Let me know if you have any thoughts on the topic. ®

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