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Apple and Samsung are plotting to KILL OFF the SIM CARD - report

First they took away our batteries, now this

Smartphone goliaths Apple and Samsung are reportedly confabulating at a high level regarding plans for hardware which would replace SIM cards in mobile devices - this technology would be embedded in phones, tablets etc and would not be exchangeable to different devices.

This is according to the Financial Times, which claims the two tech giants are seeking a standard that would see the SIM card embedded in devices and reconfigured on the fly.

The talks are also reported to involve a number of major phone carriers from around the world. Vodafone, AT&T, Orange, and Deutsche Telekom were listed as some of those involved.

Cupertino, has, in fact, already gone on the record as looking for a way to cut the removable SIM out of its products. Last year, Apple equipped its iPad Air and iPad Mini models with a soft SIM card that was able to switch between carriers.

A standard for embedded SIMS would have some benefits for all parties involved.

Users would be able to set up a new device, change carriers, or upgrade their device without the need to switch out or transfer the SIM card. Carriers, meanwhile, would be able to quickly transfer new customers over to their networks, and hardware manufacturers would be able to embed the SIM hardware anywhere in the device without the need to make it removable.

That last point should definitely entice Apple, who has been increasingly fond of affixing hardware components directly into the casing as a cost and space-saving move.

A bit of cooperation between Apple and Samsung would be a welcome departure from the constant legal bickering the two companies have been involved in lately. Each has accused the other of violating its patents for smartphone design. ®

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