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Farmer mooved after reunion with two-year fugitive cow

I didn't have a cow, man, but now I do, man

A fugitive cow has been reunited with her deeply mooved farmer after two years on the run, and occasionally the hoof.

The day after her farmer brought Matylda home she escaped from her field in Western Poland, reported AP.

Upset with her surroundings, the heifer hoofed it after a fairly brief sojourn. Her owner, Leszek Zasada, spent all that time hoping she beef ine, according to a story broadcast Tuesday by TVN24.

He said Matylda escaped in 2013, and had survived two friesing cold winters on her own.

The cow apparently lived in a nearby forest, milking an existence out of local competitors' crops, until her eventual capture.

Zasada said Matylda enjoyed her adventure, butter extended game of hide-and-seek was not all fun. She reportedly lost the calf she was sometimes spotted with, and returned home with many scars.

Farmers in the area complained of the damage she caused (probably like a bull in a china shop) but nobody was able to catch bovine beauty until last Saturday.

Luckily, the Polish police are a bit softer than those Britain, who shoot cows when they attempt to escape. ®


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