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German police ARREST SQUIRREL for stalking woman

Tree-rat crimewave as another furry hellraiser goes wild, wrecks pub

German police have detained a squirrel for stalking a woman and chasing her down the street.

North-Rhine Westphalia police took the squirrel into custody. In an act of not very tough justice, they then fed it apple pieces and honey tea.

It is not known at this point if the creature was part of the notorious crack squirrel gang of urban legend.

The incident was the second such occurrence of bad behaviour by tree rats of late.

Last week a drunk squirrel caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to a pub in Worcestershire.

The owner opened the door of his pub to find the joint ransacked.

"There were bottles scattered around, money scattered around and he had obviously run across the bar's pumps and managed to turn on the Caffrey's tap.

"He must have flung himself on the handle and he must have drank some as he was staggering around all over the place and moving a bit slowly.

"I've never seen a drunk squirrel before. He looked a bit worse for wear," he told the BBC.

Both animals were released with a caution. ®

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