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Hacking Team hackers questioned over Hacking Team hack

Reports say authorities considering possibility of inside job

Reports have emerged that ex-staff of hacked spookware-spaffer Hacking Team have been questioned by police in Milan.

According to Reuters, Italian police have questioned six ex-employees of the company, adding that the unnamed staff in question were already suspected of leaking the company's secrets.

Spookeware boss David Vincenzetti had filed a complaint in May that the six had revealed part of the company's source code, the report states.

Investigations into both the commercial secrets complaint and the more recent hack have now been combined into a single investigation.

Since the 400 GB of data exfiltrated from Hacking Team was leaked, and then indexed by Wikileaks, governments around the world have come under fire for dealing with the company.

It's emerged that the outfit's malware included a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) BIOS rootkit to make itself pretty much ineradicable.

The hack and code leak has left companies like Oracle, Adobe and Microsoft scrambling to plug zero-day vulnerabilities that Hacking Team thought it had all to itself.

The company had claimed that the hack hadn't exposed all of its crown jewels, but over the weekend, Twitter user @v1ad_ao claimed to have gotten the Hacking Team RCS compiled and running:

He said the RCS interface runs on Adobe Air with a connection to a database running on a separate instance. ®

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