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Project Morpheus VR headset hands-on at the Sony Summer Showcase

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Ever wanted to be Jason Statham? Well I certainly came over all Lock, StocK playing London Heist. As passenger in a speeding car it’s my job to shoot our pursuers, who pop up in vans and on motorbikes.

Sony Project Morpheus headset and move controllers

Complete with car seat for the getaway car experience in London Heist

This was the most hands-on and interactive game I experienced. The mechanics of frantically loading the magazine into the gun using the move controllers was ingenious and thrilling.

The move controllers are literally my hands and I can pick up empty drinks containers and open the car door to do some littering – ’cause I’m hard, innit. Still, no lag or nausea even while doing 100mph down the motorway. Project Morpheus, I’m impressed.

Project Morpheus demo: London Heist

London Heist VR view: "It's all shooters and knives, innit?"

Capcom’s Kitchen had something quite different and sinister in store for me. I wake up tied to a ramshackle chair with my hands bound together, I can’t move except my head. Doing a quick 360 I appear to be in a disgustingly dirty kitchen in an abandoned Amityville horror house. Looking down all I can think about is how thin my thighs are, holy thigh gap batman, but then I notice a fellow captive, lying on the floor.

He regains consciousness, grabs a knife, and tries to free my bound hands. Uh oh, there’s somebody coming. Straight out of Ringu, this bitchwitch brutally murders my buddy – blood spraying in my face. I struggle, but can’t get free as she drags his corpse away. A severed head comes rolling into the room and the cackling starts. I guess I’m taking this one for The Reg.

Sony Project Morpheus headset – Capcom Kitchen demo

Getting strapped in for the Capcom Kitchen demo

Showing proof-of-concept rather than gameplay, Kitchen is notable for its sense of helplessness. This was probably the least fun and most uncomfortable of my Project Morpheus experiences and towards the end I did feel that legendary VR nausea and disorientation.

That said, I also found Kitchen fascinating because I think it is a glimpse at the depth and scope of VR – and, perhaps, its future use as an efficient black ops torture device. Start saving now because this is one piece of kit that is on everyone’s wish list.

Sony Project Morpheus headset – Capcom Kitchen demo

Capcom wants to keep the grim carnage of the Kitchen experience a surprise, but here's a sneak peek from a small monitor that shows an overview (rather than a headset view) of the scenario before the action starts. The Morpheus user is slumped in a chair in the centre

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