Oi, supercomputer folk. This is where the brains of the future come from

Kids mucking about with big iron in search of benchmark glory

HPC blog Purdue University has participated in more Student Cluster Competitions than any other institutions - nine of 'em in less than 10 years. They must be getting something out of it, right?

To answer that question, plus many others, we talked to Dr Gerry McCartney, who is the VP of IT at Purdue. He is also a professor of IT, along with being the assistant CIO at the university.

In the video, Dr. McCartney talks about how Purdue became involved with the cluster competition, how the competition is giving their students real world experience and skills, as well as how it's shaping their HPC curriculum.

If you're affiliated with a university and want to participate in, or start your own, cluster competition, you should watch this video. You should also watch it if you're an IT vendor who wants to get involved.

Or if you're interested in where the next generation of HPC talent is coming from and how they're being trained, here's your answers. ®

Purdue View Cluster Competitions

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