Catch 'em while you can! Presenting Druva's virtual open door detector

Sounding alarms over sensitive info exposure

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Think checking doors and windows every night so as to stop burglars scrambling through to rob you. Well, now your personal data can be handled in the same way, with Druva's end-point protection services identifying risky exposure to sensitive information loss by scanning backed-up data and alerting compliance teams.

Its inSync service is a mobile device, remote office and cloud; endpoints in corp network parlance, protection, for synchronisation and, increasingly, governance facility.

The new virtual open window detection service, inSync Proactive Compliance, is an extension of the security and governance pieces of this.

It lets businesses "track, monitor and be alerted of potential data risks associated with Personal Healthcare Information (PHI), Personal Credit Information (PCI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Intellectual Property (IP) across both cloud services and end-user devices".

This sensitive info is identified by "deep search, auditing and automated data scanning capabilities", and Druva claims it helps "organisations ensure their data, regardless of location, is fully protected and governed".

It offers various ways to find out if sensitive info is getting exposed to loss or theft:

  • Centralised compliance dashboard
  • Non-compliance reporting
  • Auto-generated data risk reports
  • Pre-defined, customisable compliance templates
  • Investigative searching
  • Legal authenticity and admissibility checking and guarantee

Druva's inSync Proactive Compliance virtual open door detector is part of its inSync Elite+ Plan and will be generally available towards the end of August. ®


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