Help! Our Virgin Media TiVo boxes are stuck in a loop! Help! Our Virgin..

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Oh, it's already doing that ... again and again

Virgin Media subscribers are complaining that their TiVo set-top boxes are randomly and repeatedly restarting in what appears to be a widespread service disruption.

Lots of Brits posting to the UK cableco's support forum say the TV boxes, provided by Virgin Media, being thrown into reboot loops. The issue appears to have started Thursday morning, London time.

"All lights come on for about 1/2 second then the box reboots, it has full functionality for about 30–60 seconds then resets again," reports one person calling themselves Lumlya.

"This cycle has been going since I noticed it about 20 minutes ago, but could have been happening longer."

Some peeps say they've been able to get hold of staff at Virgin Media who reckon the problem will be fixed some time this evening, UK time. Virgin Media did not respond to a Register request for comment at the time of publication.

We're told an outage notice on the cableco's subscribers-only website reads:

You might find that your Virgin TV service is not working at the moment. Boxes may also be constantly rebooting or getting a network availability error message.

Fault Reported on: 08:22AM Thursday 23 July

Estimated Fix time: 05:00PM Thursday 23 July

Subscribers are understandably upset at the outage, with many noting that they are being billed by the cable provider for a service that, at the moment, is not even working.

"I love how we get a whole day without TV the day after we're told we have to pay £3 more a month for TV channels we don't even want," wrote someone called Mercenary.

"I don't care about BT Sport or whatever you've overpaid for and now trying to claw back. In the future why not ask your clients if they want it before you effectively spend our money."

Virgin Media provides cable TV and broadband internet in Blighty, is owned by international telecoms giant Liberty Global, and serves an estimated 12.5 million homes. ®

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