Google burnishes Chrome to patch over 43 bugs

Chocolate Factory hands out over $40,000 in bug bounties to sharp-eyed researchers

Google has pushed out a new cross-platform version of Chrome that fixes no less than 43 security bugs.

Chrome version 44.0.2403.89 for Windows, Mac and Linux addresses 12 potentially “high-impact flaws”, several of which revolve around buffer overflow bugs.

A pair of universal cross-site scripting bugs also rate towards the top end of the danger list.

Google is holding back more information on the bugs themselves in order to allow users a chance to apply them before releasing information that might give hackers clues about how to target vulnerable systems.

The latest release also includes various stability and performance improvement tweaks, as explained in a blog post by Google here.

Google paid out around $40,000 to external researchers who reported bugs addressed by the patch batch, Kaspersky Lab’s Threatpost news service adds. ®

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