BT broadband in broad-based brownout and TITSUP incidents

Outages and slow downloads leave customers cursing carrier from Manchester to Portsmouth

If you can't reach a chum in the UK, chances are they've fallen victim to a substantial outage that's hit BT's voice and broadband services. Or a Total Inability To Support Usual Performance (TITSUP) incident.

The carrier appears to be suffering from two issues, the first reported to us by Reg readers Colin and Neil who've complained of very slow downloads, difficulties accessing the Web, dropped packets galore and traceroutes that don't make it past the home gateway.

A glance at the carrier's service status page omits mention of the slow access problem, but does reveal 15 outstanding issues including one that's hitting over 40 communities from Manchester to Newquay.

BT says “A small number of our customers in the areas shown below, may experience a loss of telephone and/or broadband services. We hope to have service restored as quickly as possible and apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing. Services can be affected by a variety of reasons such as damage caused by 3rd parties or cable theft.”

BT has acknowledged the issue in exchanges like the Tweet couplet below.

Estimated restore times for services vary, but Mancunians have been warned that their troubles may persist until Monday, 3 August.

The outages don't appear to be confined to any particular area or piece of infrastructure: a quick check of BT's list reveals locations in Wales, Northern Ireland, Cornwall, the south coast and inside the M25 all have problems. ®

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