Blue Coat acquires the cloud-crypto monkeys at Perspecsys

Application of Cloud Access Security Broker features paramount, apparently

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Controversial and suspicious netsec outfit Blue Coat Systems has acquired Perspecsys, for the want of some weight in its cloud security portfolio.

Recently bought by Bain, Blue Coat reckons the acquisition (on undisclosed terms) establishes it as "a leader in the Cloud Access Security Broker segment".

Cloud-crypto outfit Perspecsys already services Oracle and Salesforce, among others, and as the cumulonimbus incus of the GDPR looms over the IT industry, the ability to diversify the locations in which customer data may be held seems to be the company's focus.

The best friend of despots everywhere acknowledges it acquired Perspecsys to soothe the worries of zaibatsus fretting over data compliance requirements and regional sovereignty regulations.

"To gain control over the explosion of cloud application usage, our customers tell us that the proxy is the logical location to implement 'Cloud Access Security Broker' features and with our historic strength and understanding of web applications it is a perfect fit," said Greg Clark, Blue Coat CEO.

David Canellos, Perspecsys CEO, said: "Enterprises want to buy this class of solution from Blue Coat and Perspecsys' Cloud Data Protection is a natural complement to Blue Coat's widely recognised portfolio of cloud and proxy technologies." ®


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