Jasper and Microsoft glue together connectivity and Azure

The ‘business value of IoT’ after this deal remains to be seen

Cloud-based IoT player Jasper has announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft, which will see Jasper’s platform integrated with the tech giant's Azure cloud suite.

"More than 2,000 enterprises across dozens of industries worldwide have selected the Jasper Platform to enable them to deliver IoT services that increase customer value and grow revenues," said Macario Namie, strategy veep at Jasper.

Jasper is a company which provides connectivity services for people who make stuff. It has deals with with 25 mobile operator groups, representing more than 100 mobile operator networks – so pretty much wherever a thing goes it can have mobile data connectivity.

"Through this strategic partnership with Microsoft, we continue to increase the business value of IoT by making it easier and faster for enterprises to bring their IoT services to market, and to scale those services globally."

As an example, the Telefonica SIM in a Tesla (see above, being piloted by your correspondent) is connected through Jasper’s services.

The agreements and systems Jasper assembles means that devices which move from place to place, like cars and e-readers only need one SIM.

It also means that people who make things which don’t move, or at least are supposed not to (such as ATMs), only need one agreement and one set of SIM cards on the production line. ®

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