Intel doubles its bounty for women and ethnic minorities

The queue for the men's toilet is out of control

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Intel is so keen to increase the diversity of its workforce that it is paying double its finder's fee for women and minorities, according to reports.

Intel is currently offering $4,000 (£2,560) to employees who suggest job candidates that help it achieve its diversity goals, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Intel is committed to increase the diversity of our workforce,” the company said in a statement seen by the paper. “We are currently offering our employees an additional incentive to help us attract diverse qualified candidates in a competitive environment for talent.”

Intel has already promised to chuck $300m (£192m) in tackling its overly pale, male and stale workforce.

Intel’s diversity statistics for 2014 showed 24 per cent of Intel employees are female, with 31 per cent of employees classified as Asian, 3.5 per cent as black and 8 per cent Latino.

Google has also pledged to tackle the lack of diversity in its workforce, setting aside $150m (£98m) of its annual $66bn turnover.

According to the ad-flinger's diversity report last year, only 17 per cent of its tech workers were female, one per cent were black, and two per cent Hispanic.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also said he is "not satisfied" with his company's lack of diversity. ®


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