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Smaller EMC VNXe unit revealed, then hidden again

Storage blog says now you see it, now you don't

EMC has made a smaller VNXe array, the 1600, which slots in below the VNXe3200 and gives it a lower-priced VNXe offering.

The news broke on Roy Mikes' blog on August 6 – although for some reason it is no longer there. Oops. Still, if you look in the Google cache version of his blog, there it is. And, to add to the fun, a "VNXe1600" search on EMC's website reveals documentation such as a hardware backgrounder in PDF format.

VNX is EMC's dual-controller storage array with the VNXe being its version for small-to-medium businesses. The VNXe3200 is the current product, with a 2.2TB-8TB base configuration capacity range and starting list prioe of $43,490.

The block access-only VNXe1600 has dual controllers using Xeon E5 2.6 GHz dual-core CPUs and 8GB of memory. In its 2U enclosure it offers:

  • All-flash or hybrid disk/flash media, scaling to 200 drives
  • Two bundled Converged Network Adapters (CNA) for 16/8Gbit/s Fibre Channel, 10GbitE
  • 8Gbit/s module option
  • 10GbitE module option
  • Aynchronous replication to VNXe1600, VNXe3200 or vVNX targets
  • Redirect-on-write technology point-in-time snapshots

The bundled CNAs are a first for the VNX range.


The 2U box has either a 12 X 3.5-inch drive or 25 x 2.5-inch drive DPE (Disk Processor Enclosure) and expansions units (DAEs or Disk Array Enclosures) with either 12 or 25 drives are supported. A base unit with a 12-drive option would support up to 48TB, using 4TB nearline SAS drives.


EMC says: "As an entry-level block storage system, the VNXe1600 provides high value for smaller user configurations with lighter performance needs than the VNXe3200."

Enjoy a detailed intro to the VNXe1600 here (pdf). We have no word on pricing or availability. ®

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