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Music curation site This Is My Jam to be marmaladed next month

Site will become a time capsule, rather than being flung into the fires of /dev/null/

To the wailing of music geeks and the gnashing of audiophiles' teeth, music curation site This Is My Jam (TIMJ) has announced it will be shutting down in September.

Launched in 2011, TIMJ hosted a song-suggesting community in which roughly 200,000 users carefully curated music they believed others ought to listen to.

More than two million Jams were shared during its lifetime, said its developers, Matthew Ogle and Hannah Donovan, in a blog post announcing that the community would be made itinerant next month.

Or at least somewhat itinerant. Unlike many services upon shut-down, TIMJ will retain the music shared by the community in a time-capsule format for future reference. It will also be allowing users to export their profile data, as well releasing much of its codebase on Github.

Announcing the decision, the developers stated: "We hate it when projects we love go dark, so we're taking a different approach and archiving Jam the best possible way we can manage."

We know this is no replacement for an operational Jam, but we’re making this archive as sweet as we can, and we’re actually kind of excited about trying to Preserve Things The Right Way online.

The decision to archive the community has drawn applause from its community and other onlookers.

Explaining their decision to cease TMIJ, the developers claimed that "the online music landscape has shifted dramatically" since the service launched, "both in terms of how people listen to music and the ecosystem it exists in."

One wonders if Apple feels the same way. ®

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