Labour Party website DDoS'd by ruly democratic mob

Corbyn camp urges us to ‘get registering’ – we couldn’t agree more, Jeremy

The interminable registration process for voters for the new Labour Party leader's election did not terminate this noon, as was planned, due to the party website dropping offline, following an effective, if accidental, DDoS attack from a flood of well-meaning visits generated by eager, if incredibly tardy, new supporters.

The party website now informs visitors that "this morning we understand that some people have had problems trying to join or register as a supporter of the Labour Party. We are extending the deadline to join or register and be able to vote in the Leadership elections until 3pm."

If you are experiencing problems with the website, you can also register as a supporter with a £3 text. Text SUPPORT to 78555 and wait for a further text tomorrow on how to complete registration.

According to the Guardian – which is live-Tweeting the event, now for another three hours – the party's fear of entryists has resulted in "at least three of the camps" getting "in touch with each other to discuss their concerns about the running of the contest".

No accounts connected to Corbyn's opponents have tweeted about the extension. ®

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