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Wrist-top virtualisation comes to Apple Watch

Parallels brings remote desktop access to your wristjob with Access v. 3.0

Parallels has issued version 3.0 of its Access app, software that lets you access PCs or Macs from Android or iOS devices.

Why do we care about a junior remote access player making an update? Because this time around there's also a companion app for Apple Watch that Parallels delivers the ability to connect to remote computers.

Can we call that wrist-top virtualisation? Perhaps not, because Parallels is only providing access to the files on a desktop rather than the ability to run the whole thing in a watch. And of course you'll need an iPhone to make it work.

By contrast, the iOS and Android versions of Parallels Access also offer the chance to run the apps on your PC, so while you don't get the experience of the operating system being emulated inside your mobile device you get most of a PC's functionality.

Parallels Access 3.0 has also added a file manager that can work with files on a PC, mobile device or cloud storage lockers. Improved wake-on-LAN code means you can prod your PC to connect more easily while better multi-monitor support means you can enjoy all the productivity-enhancing power of those extra pixels.

For the frivolous, a new gaming mode may please those who can't make do with games designed for mobile devices.

Is remote desktop access from a phone significant? Your correspondent lacks Apple's wristjob so can't test the app. Common sense, however, suggests that while some people will find the app useful, others will justifiably worry that giving another device access to data opens up all manner of potential security worries. And, perhaps worse, could also give rise to the term BYOW – that's Bring Your Own Wearable, of course. ®

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