iMaker Hon Hai/Foxconn earnings stall as fanbois hold fire

Q2 growth slows largely due to dependence on Apple

Hon Hai/Foxconn's revenue slowed dramatically in the second quarter, as its iGadgets manufacturing reliance began to take its toll, with fanbois' showing thrift in anticipation of a new iPhone launch later this year.

The Taiwanese manufacturer stated that Q2 net profits had risen 27 per cent from the preceding year, reports the Wall Street Journal, compared with 56 per cent growth in Q1, and 33 per cent in Q4 2014.

The company is expected to spend $5bn developing new factories in India. We reported that it will be building phones for Xiaomi, as it attempts to diversify its portfolio of manufacturing contracts.

Cupertino's new iPhone release, which will be dubbed either the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s, is due on 9 September, and will provide a welcome boost to the company's revenue.

Earlier this week a 28-year-old worker committed suicide at Hon Hai/Foxconn's iPhone manufacturing pant in Zhengzhou.

The incident reignited an ongoing debate about working conditions at the plant, nicknamed Mordor by Apple engineers, which received widespread attention and outcry at the time. ®

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