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Sony PC owners to get Windows 10 upgrade as early Christmas present

DON'T UPGRADE NOW, Sony warns Vaio users, and settle in for a long wait

Sony has let owners of its Vaio computers know they're free to upgrade to Windows 10. In October or November.

Sony walked away from the PC market in February 2014. Investment company Japan Industrial Partners snapped up the Vaio business and brand and has since brought new products to market. Sony retains responsibilities for Vaios sold when it ran the brand, but appears not to be taking those responsibilities very seriously if its Windows 10 support notice is any guide.

“We are testing supported models and will be providing the results as quickly as possible,” the notice says.

It's an interesting use of the term “as quickly as possible” because drivers and upgrade instructions for Vaios that shipped with Windows 8 will appear in October 2015. Machines with Windows 8.1 loaded will get their upgrades in November 2015. Sony reckons that's reasonable because it's within the one-year Window for free upgrades.

Where does that leave Vaio owners' whose machines are urging them to install Windows 10 ASAP? In a tricky spot, that's where, because Sony's advice on the free upgrade follows:

“Although Microsoft is offering the Windows 10 upgrade, it is strongly recommended that you wait to install it until the drivers & installation instructions are available for your VAIO PC.

Sony's suggesting Vaio owners bookmark the support notice and visit it from time to time and making it plain that Vaio .

There's little incentive for Sony to move any faster, seeing as it has exited the PC business and won't turn a quid by making a more rapid effort. ®

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