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Linux 4.2 release 'possible' for next week, if Linus feels good

Low-level x86 hassles may hold up next Kernel release

The world may be on the threshold of another Linux Kernel release. Or it might not.

Whether or not Linux 4.2 emerges next week depends on how Linus Torvalds feels next Sunday.

On Sunday evening, US time, the Linux Lord gave release candidate 7 the thumbs' up and let it be known he'd quite like it to be the last such release.

“But this time around, I still haven't quite made up my mind,” he wrote on Sunday. “At rc5 release time, I worried about a few remaining issues. Then, last Sunday at rc6 I was feeling pretty good about things. And now we've had another week, and we had some more fallout from the low-level x86 entry code rewrites, and I just don't know.”

“So this may be the last RC, and it might not be,” he continued. “It will depend on whether anything more comes up next week, and how good I feel about things come next Sunday. A part of me is convinced that all the odd 32-bit compat issues etc fallout is finally fixed, but a part of me is still a bit leery.”

A week of edge-of-your-seat tension therefore awaits Linux lovers, who wont know if they have an official new toy to play with for seven whole days. If a Penguinista of your acquittance is a little edgy this week, now you know why. ®

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