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Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why

New Cumulative Update does … something that makes Windows 10 better. Promise

Windows 10 is keeping its new owners busy, as Microsoft has released the second “cumulative update” for the operating system in three days.

The update dated August 11th was billed as a “security update for Windows 10” and promised “improvements to improve the functionality of Windows 10” plus resolution for half a dozen bugs.

The August 14th update is described as replacing the August 11th update, but with what or why isn't explained. All that Microsoft will say is that the new download “includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10.”

Why might a three-day old update need a replacement? Microsoft's patching process hasn't gone well, of late, with multiple patches causing unintended consequences necessitating further patches.

Might the August 11th update have been a dud in some small way? And might Redmond have therefore replaced it with something that does the job right?

We'll probably never know: we've asked Microsoft for comment, but its question-answering operatives aren't at their desks at the time of writing and Redmond's not been super-responsive to such prods from El Reg of late.

So relax, dear readers. Microsoft's automatically sending your machines code it isn't explaining, but there's no reason to doubt it's doing absolutely the right thing. And being transparent enough to satisfy the cynical and/or paranoid. ®

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