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Dell reselling Scality's RING for multi-petabyte data munching

Thoughts may soon turn to IPO: Incoming Profitable Outcome

Dell is offering Scality object storage using its servers, storage hardware, and networking products.

What makes this of greater interest is that Dell tried selling object storage before, with a DX6000 object storage product set started up in 2010. This was based on OEM’d Caringo software and the line was closed down in April 2013.

This time around the object storage block, Dell is positioning Scality’s RING software, running on Dell hardware, as “a robust solution to high capacity-driven storage challenges”.

The RING product is described as “100 per cent reliable, high-performance, infinitely scalable and hardware agnostic software“.

Suggested hardware setups include a PowerEdge R730xd rack server or a PowerEdge R630 rack server/MD3060e storage enclosure combination.

Dell storage VP and GM Alan Atkinson said: “The combined Dell and Scality solution offers multi-petabyte object storage solutions for a wide range of enterprise customers, including cloud service providers, media and entertainment companies, research institutions, telecom providers and more.”

It’s a great reselling deal for Scality, which can thumb its nose at close rival Cleversafe for a few minutes. HP resells both Cleversafe and Scality software but here, at Dell, Scality has won an edge. Its COO, Erwan Menard, talked of customers already having deployed several petabytes of RING storage running on Dell hardware.

Scality can hope to pick up a good few RING sales through Dell’s massive channel, which must gladden the hearts of its backers and have them thinking IPO thoughts: Incoming Profitable Outcome as they might define it.

After all, for them, it is the entire object of their investing in an object storage startup. ®

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