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One more thing: Swatch trademarks dead Steve Jobs' catchphrase

Wir zeigen Ihnen, "noch eine Sache", Arschloch

Swiss watch icon Swatch seems to be taking its burgeoning rivalry with Apple very seriously.

The watchmaker has taken out an international trademark on the phrase "Swatch One More Thing."

The trademark, set to run through 2025, was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in May.

The trademark allows Swatch to use the "one more thing" phrase in its advertisements and products, a subtle dig at Apple and its late founder Steve Jobs.

While running Apple, Jobs was known to precede new product announcements and introductions with the phrase "there is one more thing" in his keynote addresses. The "one more thing" prelude became a fixture at Apple events and has since been adopted by his successor, Tim Cook, who used the phrase leading up to the unveiling of Apple Music earlier this year.

Apple, founded 1976, and Swatch, founded 1983 have had little reason to feud throughout most of their respective histories. That changed earlier this year when Apple released the Apple Watch. The Cupertino arm candy has not been a huge seller, but has become one of the most talked-about products of the summer.

Swatch has, throughout its history, focused on the wristwatch space, a market that was throttled by the rise of the mobile phone and, recently, reinvigorated by the introduction of phone-connected watches.

Swatch has taken exception to the media frenzy around the Apple Watch and predictions from Jony Ive that the device would ruin the Swiss watch market Swatch calls home. Swatch boss Nick Hayek has already promised his company would go head to head with Apple in the smartwatch arena, a promise that could be brought to fruition with the announcement of a Swatch "one more thing." ®


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