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Samsung emits Galaxy S6 Edge+ 'inboxing' video

Somebody probably called this out-of-the-box thinking

Unboxing and teardowns used to be something that fanbois did, but marketing savvy Samsung has hijacked the genre with a video of its own. Calling it an “inboxing”, the video shows the phone being assembled, not by a worker on a production line, but by a well-dressed man in the kind of setting you only see in carefully crafted videos.

Youtube Video

It uses the mechanism of the “inboxing” to give a feature list – fingerprint scanner, cameras, charging coil and the like – but restrains from giving the specs.

The second half of the video shows the phone being unboxed by painfully stylish people, some of whom own hats. The unboxing suffers a little from there being very little in the box. It's hard to get excited over the device to pop out the SIM card holder, and without the usually geeky commentary complete with the shock of discovery, it's significantly less fanboi than a traditional unboxing.

The inboxing is nowhere as near as comprehensive as a proper teardown:

Youtube Video

But then why would Samsung be so keen for you to know that the battery is pretty much irreplaceable and if you crack the glass, the screen below will be rendered kaput by the repair? ®


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