NHS site defaced with screed protesting Syrian conflict

Site devoted to patients' stories hijacked

A UK National Health Service (NHS) site on which the organisation posts patients' stories describing their experience with illness has been defaced by an entity calling itself “Moroccanwolf” who claims the attack is an act of protest regarding western governments' lack of humanitarian actions in Syria.

Google's cache suggests the page was in its current, defaced, form as of Aug 24, 2015 12:54:12 GMT.

We shan't link to the site or bring you the hacker's complete screed, but it opens with “This site has been hacked because of the world's silence about the three years of massacres that occur in Syria ...” The defaced page also includes a YouTube video covering similar material. That video's comments include one to the effect that a viewer saw the clip on a hijacked Australian government health site.

The defacement includes a link to a page Facebook says “isn't available right now”.

The Reg has contacted the NHS and asked when the attack took place, how it was executed and whether any NHS or patient data was compromised. We've also asked how the NHS plans to improve security after the incident.

As and when we receive a response, we will update this story. ®

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