If anyone’s going to benchmark the IoT, it’s us, says TPC

Let us all rise, and standardise

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The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has set up a working group looking at the Internet of Things, with the aim to possibly develop hardware and software benchmarks.

The TPC is well-known for its server and storage benchmarks, and has committees looking at virtualisation, data integration and big data issues. It’s looking at the IoT arena as another one ripe for an industry-standard benchmark system, saying:

The IoT ecosystem contains a complex mix of technologies and products from data collection and data curation to complex analytics.

As the number of interconnected platforms continues to multiply, vendors and customers increasingly require an impartial means of comparing performance, cost-of-ownership and energy consumption across a widening array of hardware and software systems.

The working group’s chairman is Raghunath Nambiar, a distinguished engineer at Cisco, who says the group will look at developing “a set of standardised workloads and metrics – which enable fair comparisons across [IoT] technologies and products.”

Organisations interested in influencing the benchmarking development process, including benchmarks related to the IoT, are encouraged to attend the TPC Technology Conference on 31 August, in Kohala Coast, Hawaii. They could also become members of the TPC. ®


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