Google Cloud in nine-hour storage SNAFU

URLs for files in Google's cloud have been going nowhere

Google's suffered another cloud storage outage.

The Alphabet subsidiary's cloud outfit recently suffered very slight data loss after four lightning strikes took out power flows to a Belgian data centre. This new incident is global and has impacted Google Cloud Storage XML API signed URLs.

Google what? The Chocolate Factory explains the service lets one create URLs "that can be used to access the specified objects [in Google Cloud Storage] without authentication for a specific period of time.” In other words, a nice way to control access to files.

The service fell over at breakfast time on the US West Coast and by morning coffee time the situation was in hand with the problem identified and “between 30% and 35% of XML API requests” stymied. By lunchtime that was down to one percent. At the time of writing Google advises that just 0.02 per cent of traffic is impeded.

Google's not yet revealed what happened, but the pattern looks similar to the lightning incident in which once power was restored the majority of users were back to normal operations quite quickly. The remainder were effected by exotic hardware-related issues. We'll bring you news of Google's explanation once it emerges. ®

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