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What time is it Oxford Dictionaries? How about almost ‘beer o’clock’

We Vultures will all drink to the latest online vocab update

The online tentacle of Oxford Dictionaries has earned itself some big up rispek from El Reg by including "beer o'clock" in its latest quarterly update of new terms muscling their way into our beloved lingo.

As regular readers know, down here at Vulture Central beer o'clock is always, if it hasn't actually chimed, mere minutes away.

Accordingly we raise a pint to the lexicographers for their awesomesauce decision.

Other terms making their debut include Grexit, blockchain, pwned, and the decidedly British abbreviation bants.

Mkay also gets a nod, but without reference to Mr Mackey and South Park, which is almost certainly the origin.

In the spirit of that animated classic, brain fart and bitch face are now available for your online viewing pleasure, a fact which you'll either consider shareable with your bruhs, or NBD.

Whether any of the above ever make it to the full-fat Oxford English Dictionary depends on a proven track record of continued useage, so watch this space, mkay? ®

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