Huge, absorbent iPad rumours recycled – and this time it's REAL. True

It's true that's there's a rumour. And that's a FACT

Apple is reportedly planning to unveil its long-awaited large screen tablet designed for enterprise users.

A report from Apple worship site 9to5Mac quotes a source familiar saying that the Cupertino giant is going to unveil the fabled "iPad Pro" next week at its September 9 special media event.

The large-screen iPad, along with a new addition to the iPad Mini line, would be open for pre-order in October and released to the market in early November.

You can be forgiven for being more than a bit skeptical about this latest report of an imminent iPad Pro unveiling. Rumors of the large-screen business-focused iPad model have been circulating for nearly two years now, and speculation on the giant tablet pops up nearly every time Apple calls for a special event.

Apple has pushed for a greater role in the enterprise IT space of late. Cook and Co. have sought to expand on their deal with IBM and forge a partnership with Cisco aimed at putting Apple products into the hands of business users.

Previous Apple demonstrations of iOS 9 have indicated features such as multi-tasking and a split-screen view model that would translate well to a larger-screen iPad.

Many have already speculated that Apple's September 9 event will also include the introduction of a new iPhone model to coincide with the looming release of iOS 9 this fall. Apple typically uses its September event to introduce the annual iPhone refresh.

Should a pair of new iPads also be released, Cupertino would have a very busy day on its hands. Apple will hold the September event Wednesday morning, US Pacific time. ®

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