Amazon slurps Elemental

AWS Cloud to spin up video formatting services

Amazon Web Services has acquired “software-defined video” player Elemental for an undisclosed sum.

According to Elemental's announcement, the transaction is expected to complete in Q4 of 2015.

The Information reckons Amazon will fork over US$500 million in cash for the acquisition.

Elemental's specialty is on-the-fly video formatting – for example, to take content intended for TV broadcast and give it a profile suitable for streaming to PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

Getting Elemental into the AWS Cloud will give Amazon a platform it can sell to media and entertainment companies, meaning they don't have to set up their own public or private clouds for content formatting.

Not that AWS is going to scare away potential customers by only offering services on its own cloud: Elemental's statement says the two will collaborate to create “solutions for customers leveraging on-premises assets, hybrid architectures, and cloud.”

Elemental claims more than 700 media customers, and supported 4K Ultra HD delivery for the BBC's 2014 World Cup coverage.

The nine-year old company will retain its existing branding and Portland, Oregon headquarters. ®

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