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Facebook Parse adds SDKs for IoT's big names

Developer push begins in earnest

Facebook has announced that its Parse project has been expanded with new SDKs for silicon vendors like Broadcom, Intel, Texas Instruments, and Atmel.

The free content ad network bought Parse in 2013. At that time, the company's business was providing the back end to a claimed 500,000 mobile apps, and in March, Facebook announced its intention to push Parse into the Internet of Things.

In its latest statement, Parse said the new SDKs would allow developers connect “to the Parse cloud in minutes, with just a few lines of code”. As examples, the company cited Atmel's SAM D21 and WINC1500 silicon, TI's CC3200, Intel's Edison and Broadcom's WICED.

In offering developers an irresistible simplicity, Parse also gives them an incentive to funnel end-users' interactions through its cloud, adding yet another thread to Facebook's relentless data collection.

The quickstart guides (they're posted here) provide gems for the sharp-eyed. For example, in discussing Wi-Fi configuration, there's this note:

“If your Wi-Fi is not using WAP [sic] security, you might need to change keyParams. Type as well.” The Register can't help but wonder how many developers will take that advice to make design and testing simpler, and forget to add security before they ship. ®

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