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Google Adblock shock a load of cock – users mock post hoc

Adblock denies Google has found a way to block Adblock

AdBlock Plus has denied Google has found a way of getting around its adblocking tool, instead blaming the problem on Chrome.

Users complained that ads were loading on YouTube and not displaying a skip button.

Initially it was thought the failure to use the adblocking tool was an aggressive tactic by Google to combat its flagging YouTube ad revenues.

One user said: "I'm having trouble using Adblock on managed Chrome devices like the Chromebook and Chromebox. I have them setup to be Public Kiosks, and I've added Adblock to be a forced installed extension, but it never installs.

"I'm wondering if Google has blocked Adblock from being installed in a public session."

Another tweeted: "So YouTube has finally clamped down on Adblock, if Adblock is active on the page, the pre-roll ad will play without a skip option."

However, Be Williams, director of AdBlock Plus, said: "The problems on YouTube are because of an issue in Chrome. It apparently is only affecting a small subset of users. We know about it, I imagine they'll get a fix up soon."

A recent post on Google's Chromium support forum reported a workaround had been found through a patch.

Adblock Plus owner Eyeo recently saw off two legal cases in Germany fought by publishers claiming its practice of adblocking was not legal. ®

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