'Hey Siri, it's Obama, what should we do about Iran?'

Apple assistant butts in on White House press conference

Vid Apple has tried to make a revamped Siri the star of its next version of iOS, even going so far as to name this week's monster product unveiling after its digital assistant.

But it seems Siri has her eyes on an even bigger stage than either the iPhone or Apple TV: the White House.

During a Thursday press briefing by Obama administration press secretary Josh Earnest, Siri was inadvertently summoned and promptly stole the show. The video, captured by C-Span, begins with a reporter asking Earnest about the recent Iran nuclear deal and its impact on the president.

Somewhere along the line, a reporter accidentally manages to summon Siri, and the Apple assistant takes it upon herself to give an answer:

Youtube Video

"Sorry," Siri responds, "I'm not sure what you want me to change."

The outburst generated laughter from Earnest and the press corps alike, and temporarily halted an otherwise serious press briefing.

At least the reporter wasn't asking any difficult math questions. ®

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