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WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

More ways to win with witty ... er, witticisms

We're into week three of the Western Digital caption competition – so we tested your sense of mirth with a cute critter.

Of course there were the references to the meerkats who sell insurance, but lots of people looked at the creature’s hands along the lines of Andy Non: “Hey, who swiped my keyboard?” He also entered “But, the guy I saw sneaking out of the office with all our computer equipment said he'd replaced it all with virtual kit in the cloud.” , and “Hey guys, we've won the contract for the outsourced ISPs customer service department.”

Getting three mentions and not winning. He’s going to be peeved.

Michael Hawkes saw the meerkat tapping its fingers while watching a live stream: “C'mon, Tim. Get to the good part already. One more thing! One more thing! One more thing!”

Shame it was such a disappointment when Mr Cook got there.

A pop at Apple shows that Ben Burch knows how to ingratiate himself with The Register: “Welcome to the Genius Bar! Why yes, we at Apple have a workplace diversity policy. Why do you ask?” , but it’s not enough to win.

Fading raised a smile with: “After manually searching his complete directory tree, Geoff was most perturbed to discover his pron collection had been removed....”

John Stabler offered: "I've been through this Madison log three times and I still can't find any women."

Thecowking has a better fauna joke with: “OK so I've been working on this branch, how do I commit it?"

Other captions we liked were BQuatermass: ”New photo reveals the years of indoor living are taking their toll on Julian Assange” , Andy 73: ”You went to the lengths of hiring a real meerkat, but you're going to CGI the laptop in? I'm RADA trained, darling, of course I can type!” And K.o.R with: ” The latest round of cuts finally affects BBC News.”

With an acknowledgement to last week’s picture, Fruit and Nutcase says: “So the Spider gets the Girl and I get the Log”. Continuing the “I’m reading this at work theme” were dasbnau (”Sysadmins everywhere fear for their jobs as scientists have now successfully trained meerkats to read logs, provided they are written in Braille”) and Barely registers (”Hire me as your tester - I eat bugs for breakfast”). Not to mention MAF: ”Sergei hated hates Helpdesk Fridays - all other meerkats on long liquid lunches and HE gets 'lumbered' with watching all the logs...”

But the winner isn’t – as much as we like them – a techie line. It’s one that combines themes. Drumroll, please! The winner is Come to the Dark Side with: ”As the Gocompare singer walked past below, the meerkat gave the log a gentle push...”

Well done Mr Dark Side. Your so-dark-it’s-black hard disk will be on its way to you. It’s now time for someone else to win a 6TB Western Digital Black drive.

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