'I promise you I will win', says completely sane presidential candidate John McAfee

Plus: Amazon burns through Fire stock. Forevs

QuoTW This week new iStuffs were showcased, a scary luggage hack popped up and a gaming icon turned 30.

Now for some of the best quotes from the past seven days.

America's favourite gun-toting anti-virus tycoon John McAfee has thrown his hat in to the 2016 presidential race. McAfee has made himself the official cyber party candidate for America's highest office.

He rather fancies his chances, too:

I promise you I will win because I have the votes. We are losing privacy at an alarming rate – we have none left. We've given up so much for the illusion of security and our government is simply dysfunctional.

Hey, if Donald Trump can do it, McAfee has at least a fighting chance.

Elsewhere, former Reddit boss Ellen Pao has decided to abandon her legal case against Kleiner Perkins for discrimination. The erstwhile CEO said that while the court case may be over, the matter was far from settled on her end.

To be clear, Kleiner and I have not reached any agreement to settle this matter. Settlement might have provided me with financial benefits, but only at the great cost of silence.

To quote their lawyer: 'KP is not interested in a settlement without a non-disparagement provision', meaning I would not be free to speak the truth about my experiences. I refuse to be silent on these important issues.

This week, Apple was preparing a new version of iOS for release, and not everyone was happy about it. Researcher Mike Hanley of Duo Labs worried that older iOS devices would soon pose a security threat to businesses:

We found that half of all iPhones in use today are running iOS 8.3 or lower, which was released five months ago. All it takes is one vulnerable device accessing your network to put your entire organisation at risk of a data breach.

Up in Redmond, there's a different kind of update issue brewing. Microsoft has been found to be putting components of Windows 10 on user machines whether they like it or not. Microsoft claimed, of course, that this was for their own good:

For those who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help customers prepare their devices for Windows 10 by downloading the files necessary for future installation. This results in a better upgrade experience and ensures the customer’s device has the latest software.

A better experience when you want to upgrade, and a few gigabytes of wasted hard drive space until then. What a delight.

While Apple was diverting attention with its new finger fondles, Amazon was quietly putting an end to its smartphone ambitions. Of course, Jeff Bezos and pals didn't actually kill off the Fire phone, they just sold out of the handset once and for all:

We have confirmed that we have sold through our Fire phone inventory and do not plan to replenish supply at this time. We will, of course, continue to support our Fire phone customers.

Yes, it's sort of like saying you weren't "fired" from that job, the firm just stopped scheduling you. And paying you. And letting you back on the premises.

And finally, Yahoo! has decided that it didn't much care to address a security flaw in the company's Messenger tool.

The Purple Palace said the recently discovered exploit didn't warrant anything in the way of a fix, telling world+dog the following:

Upon extensive investigation by our team, we’ve determined that this vulnerability is not easily exploitable, requiring users to actively install unsupported 3rd-party software into Messenger, and does not present a viable security threat to our users. We’ll continue to work with our thriving bug bounty community to ensure the most secure experience possible for our users.

In other words ... if! Yahoo! Messenger! gets! pwned!, it's! your! own! damn! fault!, fool! ®

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