TELLY INNN SPAAACE: Nothing to watch on your 4K TV? NASA to the RESCUE

How can we get on the telly more? Have a TV channel

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At last, some UHD content to go on that new 4K telly or gadget you bought ages ago: NASA has announced it is launching its own 4K television channel on 1 November.

Dubbed NASA TV, the channel will be the first ever non-commercial ultra-high definition (UHD) broadcast in North America, and will be thrown at the hyperventilatingly high resolution of 4K.

The channel is being pushed out as part of a Space Act Agreement between Harmonic, which is keen for the positive press, and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Hunstsville, Alabama.

"Partnering with Harmonic gives NASA an outlet for its UHD content, which has four times the resolution of HD and is the next iteration of digital television," said Robert Jacobs, of NASA's Office of Communications.

The non-commercial channel is set to broadcast NASA's existing videos of historical missions, including re-mastered footage, as well as live pieces such as in-flight interviews and spacewalks from the International Space Station.

For those luddites who haven't yet boarded the 4K train to the future, Harmonic is also currently in discussions with pay TV operators to carry the channel on satellite, cable and optical networks for consumer access.

NASA TV will also be streamed over the net, but a decent stream will require at least 13MBps if users want to enjoy the glory of 4K space videos.

Information regarding NASA TV programming is available here. ®


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