Google stretches tentacles into the health market

New 'Alphabet' corporate entity rolls out exciting world domination plans

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Google is extending its tentacles further into the health space with the announcement of Tom Insel, director of the US National Institute of Mental Health, as senior researcher to its Google Life Sciences unit.

It is the second major appointment to be recently announced by the newly renamed mega corporate entity Alphabet in fields outside its traditional ad revenue biz.

This week, Google, sorry Alphabet, hired the former CEO of Hyundai to head up its famous driverless car outfit.

Insel said: "I am currently working out the final details for a move to the life sciences team at Google (or rather, Alphabet, now!)."

He said he was joining the Google Life Sciences (GLS) team to discover technology that can help with earlier detection, better prevention and more effective management of serious health conditions.

He added this was an opportunity to make an impact on "psychosis, mood disorders, and autism".

Google Life Sciences is already developing a contact lens that tracks glucose levels for diabetes management.

Last year, the prototype for Google Life Science, Google X, said it was looking to develop a pill that could help detect the early stages of cancer or heart disease. ®


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