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US Catholic Church launches app for Jesus-phone

Is the data stored in the cloud … where God lives?

Devout followers of the non-holy trinity of Cook, Ive and the holy ghost of Jobs will be delighted to learn that the US branch of the global franchise known as the Catholic Church has introduced its first mobile app ... and also available on Android devices.

USA Catholic Church gives latest news on where the Pope is, what he’s going to do, and a stream from the @Pontifex twitter feed (7.1m followers) – which seems to run at about one tweet a day, with homilies such as “A Christian who is attached to riches has lost his way” and “Scientific and technological progress cannot be equated with the progress of humanity and history”.

The app, in English and Spanish, gives information from all Catholic sources: parishes, dioceses, the US bishops and the Vatican. It includes religious news, daily scripture readings and local parish content, and the ability to make donations.

It has been launched in time to cover the visit of Pope Francis to the US in September, including a tour of the United Nations.

"This is the most comprehensive virtual connection to the Catholic faith available," said Bishop Christopher Coyne, chair elect of the Committee on Communications, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which created the app.

"We understand many people are looking for more ways to connect with the Church and incorporate Catholic living into their busy lives — that's exactly what this app is designed to do." Wouldn't reading the Bible cover to cover also help with that?

In October, new parish and diocese functionality will be released, allowing users to stay in contact with local dioceses and parishes through individual pages with mass and confession times, homilies, events, blog posts, videos and bulletins, and locate local parishes at home or when traveling with a "Church Finder" tool that works by location, city, state or ZIP code.

"This is the first Pope to address Congress and the United Nations," said Bishop Coyne. "It's truly a historic moment for the Pope, and the USA Catholic Church app will provide news and coverage that people simply can't get anywhere else."

So if you have a Jesus phone you can download the app from iTunes, others from Google Play, or the Catholic Church website. Followers of Pastafarianism may prefer the FSM game. ®

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