Synology systematically soups up filer software

NAS box software gets general boost – including Apple Watch support

Synology has radically improved DSM, the operating system of its NAS (filer) products for smaller businesses and home users, boosting virtualisation, performance, protection, and package features, and even adding Apple Watch support.

DSM 6.0 gets 64-bit support, meaning enhanced performance. Future DiskStations and RackStations will be able to have around 4GB more memory because of this. The product has been modularised with a core and layered packages, enabling parts of it to run in parallel. It has also been extended to better support virtualised and containerised servers, and have improved data protection with faster private cloud backup, snapshot, and replication.

DSM's mail, spreadsheet, and presentation tools have also been improved.

  • Networking and security enhancements – load balancing for traffic management at app level, DSM scanned for vulnerabilities by Qualys before public release.
  • Have multiple DSM instances on a host with Virtual DSM (vDSM) and Docker DSM (DDSM – stored as a Btrfs shared folder so system can be protected via snapshot and replication to remote sites).
  • vDSM allows live migration between hosts with no disruption.
  • DSM cache extended with up to 12 SSDs for faster performance.
  • Private cloud with Cloud Station server – with Cloud Station Backup, multi-directory and sub-folder sync, version-based, and speed increased by up to 900 per cent for small files, supports Windows VSS.
  • Data protection via snaphot and replication – protect shared folders and iSCSI LUNs, snap up to every 5 minutes, replicate to remote site, 1-click failover, block-level dedupe of up to 65,535 versions and Time Machine-like restore at version-level, S3-compatible, Google Cloud and OpenStack Swift cloud targets.
  • MailPlus Server package with browser-based email client, integrated load balancing, and active-active failover.
  • SpreadSheet – online collaboration using web-based client integrated with DSM's user system.
  • Note Station – notebook and presentation tools, chart generation, offline access via Chrome app, clip content from Gmail, Apple Watch app.
  • Video Station Multimedia package – Windows 10 support for DS videos and photos, DS audio on Apple Watch for playlist control, offline transcoding for mobile devices.
  • Better usability for visually impaired users.

Synology's DSM is now a more capable and mature OS. V6.0 will go through a 6-month, 2-phase beta with general availability expected in March/April 2016. ®

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