Alibaba experiences ‘I love China’ company rep breakdown … 22 times

With slow quarterly revenue growth, take any support you can get

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Analyst and investor conferences can be a platform for all manner of odd ball questions, but one company rep at a presentation by Chinese tat seller Alibaba recently took the opportunity to express his love for the Middle Kingdom. Repeatedly.

Joe Tsai, executive vice chairman of Alibaba, was about to kick off with some observations on the state of the macroeconomy, at Deutsche Bank's 2015 Technology Brokers Conference.

But, he was quickly interrupted by an unidentified company rep who exclaimed he "loved China," according to a transcript of the event on investment site Seeking Alpha.

To further get the point across he said: "I mean, I love China. How can you not love China?"

And just in case his affection for the Middle Kingdom was still not clear, he added: "I love China, China, China. China, China, China, and, you know, China, China, China. South China, China, China."

"People say, you don’t like China, I like China. China, I love China, China, China all the time. And by the way, I love China. I mean, I love China. How can you ..."

Fearing the declaration of love could go on for sometime, Tsai snapped back with "all right, all right".

Alan Hellawell, Wall Street analyst at Deutsche Bank, said: "I guess, if you’re going to have Tourette Syndrome, I’m happy that it’s something that I’m involved in."

Nevertheless, given the current concerns about an apparent meltdown in China's economy, Alibaba should take some comfort in such a display of unwavering support.

Particularly as the company reported its slowest quarterly revenue growth in three years last month. ®

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